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Divorce and Putting Away  MP3
Description: Jan 24, 2010 Matt 19:1-9
MP3 6,183k 2010-01-26
Attributes of God  MP3
Description: Pastor Jack Rickman: "The Attributes of God" - Knowing the true God. File is converted to MONO at 22kHz sample rate, 16kpbs compression with an +5.5db increase in volume.
MP3 5530k 2007-09-16
Wedding Invitations  MP3
Description: Aug 8, 2010, Matt 22:1-14 Jesus' parable of the wedding feast
MP3 5,943k 2010-08-10
Examine Yourselves 3 of 3  MP3
Description: Jesus said there would be false professors mingled with His people, the church. Be certain you truly belong to Him.
MP3 5,932k 2012-02-26
Jesus in Job: Elihu  MP3
Description: Overview of Job and some of how Elihu points us to Jesus, our Mediator. Sermon date: June 23, 2013
MP3 5,860k 2013-06-23
Freedom in Christ  MP3
Description: June 27, 2010 Galatians 1 by Pastor Paco Vidales
MP3 5,775k 2010-07-31
Zachariah's Faith  MP3
Description: Pastor Paco examines Zachariah's readiness--and lack thereof--to receive Good News from God's messenger
MP3 5,599k 2009-12-21
Praying the Way Jesus Taught  MP3
Description: March 14, 2010 sermon
MP3 5,561k 2010-03-15
Examine Yourselves 2 of 3  MP3
Description: Jesus said there would be false professors mingled with His people, the church. Be certain you truly belong to Him.
MP3 5,479k 2012-02-26
Affliction, God's Purposes 2  MP3
Description: 2nd of 3 Afflictions sermons from Feb 2009
MP3 5,379k 2009-12-08
The First Shall Be Last  MP3
Description: May 23, 2010 Matt 19:30-20:16
MP3 5,328k 2010-07-20
Seek the Lord 3  MP3
Description: Jan 17, 2010 New Year Series
MP3 5,036k 2010-01-26
The First Shall Be Last  MP3
Description: Feb 21, 2010 Matt 20:1-16
MP3 4,986k 2010-02-21
Fruitless "Christians"  MP3
Description: July 18, 2010 Matt 21:18-27, Fig Tree Parable
MP3 4,972k 2010-08-02
Gift for Jesus 2  MP3
Description: Dec 6, 2009 sermon
MP3 4,841k 2009-12-08
Do As They Say  MP3
Description: Sermon of Aug 22, 2010 Matt 23:1-16
MP3 4,819k 2010-09-11
Which Son Are You?  MP3
Description: July 25, 2010 Parable of Two Sons
MP3 4,780k 2010-08-02
Follow Me Into Abundant Life  MP3
Description: Jesus wants more from us than faith and repentance. He wants us to enter into deeper fellowship with Him, including within the context of our church.
MP3 4,701k 2012-03-17
Jesus in the Tabernacle  MP3
Description: Sermon of 130707
MP3 4,500k 2013-07-08
Seek the Lord 2  MP3
Description: Jan 10, 2010 New Year Series
MP3 4,486k 2010-01-15
Not to Be Served, But to Serve  MP3
Description: June 13, 2010; Matt 20:28
MP3 4,458k 2010-07-21
Jesus in the Stories of Josph  MP3
Description: The story of Joseph's life typifies Christ in so many ways. Sermon dated Apr 21, 2013
MP3 4,456k 2013-04-25
Singles and Children  MP3
Description: Jan 31, 2010 Matt 19:10-15
MP3 4,406k 2010-02-03
Jesus in the Lions Den Story  MP3
Description: How Jesus is pictured in the story of Daniel cast into the den of lions
MP3 4,374k 2013-04-25
The Wicked Tenants  MP3
Description: Aug 1, 2010 The Wicked Tenants plot to kill the Son
MP3 4,301k 2010-08-06
Affliction, God's Purpose 1  MP3
Description: 1st of 3 Affliction sermons from Feb 2009
MP3 4,168k 2009-12-08
Jesus: King, Lawgiver & Judge  MP3
Description: Isaiah 33:22 Jesus and the United States
MP3 4,156k 2013-07-01
Peter Identifies the Messiah  MP3
Description: Peter confesses that Jesus is the Messiah. Sermon of Mar 17, 2013, in anticipation of Resurrection Sunday.
MP3 4,144k 2013-04-25
What Would You Like Me to Do?  MP3
Description: June 20, 2010 Matt 20:32
MP3 4,081k 2010-07-22
What Must I Do?  MP3
Description: Feb 7, 2010 Matt 19:16-26 Rich Young Ruler
MP3 4,004k 2010-02-10
Don't Keep Rules!  MP3
Description: Sermon of Aug 29, 2010 Matt 23:16-30
MP3 3,957k 2010-09-11
He Is Returning  MP3
Description: What we DO know about Jesus' Second Coming-not what others may speculate.
MP3 3,839k 2011-08-23
Behold, We Go Up to Jerusalem  MP3
Description: May 30, 2010, Matt 20:18
MP3 3,820k 2010-07-20
What About Us?  MP3
Description: Feb 14, 2010 Matt 19:27-30 Peter wants to know if Jesus' offer to the Rich Young Ruler applies to the disciples
MP3 3,787k 2010-02-19
Affliction, God's Comfort 3  MP3
Description: 3d in a series of 3 Affliction msgs from Feb 2009
MP3 3,681k 2009-12-08
Partakers of the Divine Nature  MP3
Description: How are we to "partake of the Divine Nature" in following Jesus? Lord's Supper sermon of April 2012,
MP3 3,644k 2013-04-25
Examine Yourselves 1 of 3  MP3
Description: Jesus said there would be false professors mingled with His people, the church. Be certain you truly belong to Him.
MP3 3,620k 2012-02-26
Gift for Jesus 1  MP3
Description: Nov 29, 2009 sermon
MP3 3,496k 2009-12-08
Seek the Lord 1  MP3
Description: Jan 3, 2010 New Year Series
MP3 3,039k 2010-01-15
Triumphal Entry  MP3
Description: July 11, 2010 The Donkey Carries the Lord
MP3 1,913k 2010-07-31

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