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Witnessing  PDF
Description: Here are some slides that have been shown in services or discipleship classes that might be helpful to you.
PDF 101k 2009-09-15
Thoughts on Prayer  PDF
Description: Some observations about prayer.
PDF 68k 2009-08-25
Ten Lessons on Prayer  PDF
Description: The first 10 lessons he learned about prayer. Article by Jim McKeever
PDF 147k 2009-08-25
School of Prayer by Murray  PDF
Description: A summary of Andrew Murray's classic book on prayer. First page cites verses. Following pages include the verses.
PDF 160k 2009-08-25
Praying for a Soul  PDF
Description: Yours and another's. Article by John Piper
PDF 187k 2009-08-25
Prayer: Tame a Runaway Mind  PDF
Description: I Was Finally Free To Pray When I Roped In My Runaway Mind Article by Roger Barrier
PDF 70k 2009-08-25
Prayer  PDF
Description: Here are some slides on prayer that have been shown in services or discipleship classes that might be helpful to you.
PDF 84k 2009-09-15
Pray for the Unsaved  PDF
Description: Here are some suggested prayers from scripture.
PDF 64k 2009-08-25
Pray for Spiritual Awakening  PDF
Description: 12 Scripture-based prayers for seeking God for spiritual awakening. Do you long for God to awaken us as His people?
PDF 207k 2009-08-25
Morning Prayer  PDF
Description: Before I get out of bed, I pray!
PDF 44k 2009-08-25
How to Begin Your Day With God  PDF
Description: "the first great and primary business to which I ought to attend every day was, to have my soul happy in the Lord. The first thing to be concerned about was not, how much I might serve the Lord, how I might glorify the Lord; but how I might get my soul into a happy state, and how my inner man might be nourished." George Mueller
PDF 153k 2009-08-16
How Can I Pray for You?  PDF
Description: It's a short, easily remembered question. You can use it with longtime friends or with people you've just met. It doesn't seem too personal or pushy for those who'd rather give you a shallow answer just now, and yet it often leads to a full hearing of the gospel. You can ask it of people nearly every time you speak with them and it doesn't get old. Just simply and sincerely ask, "How can I pray for you?" You'll be surprised at the results.
PDF 95k 2009-08-25
Eschatology  PDF
Description: Slides that have been shown in services or discipleship classes that might be helpful to you.
PDF 130k 2009-09-15
Disciple-Making Ideas  PDF
Description: Here are some ideas to help you as you mentor and disciple other believers.
PDF 297k 2009-08-25
Bible Study & Discipleship  PDF
Description: Some helpful slides pertaining to Bible study and discipleship that have been shared during services and discipleship classes.
PDF 1,222k 2009-09-15
Attributes of God  PDF
Description: Look up some verses that you can use to praise God for His manifold glorious Character. Use your concordance. It isn't "cheating." Pray through His attributes.
PDF 45k 2009-08-25

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